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New CPT code for PPE supplies during global pandemic

Since the pandemic's start, the AOA has worked to ensure that optometry is compensated for additional costs associated with PPE and now a new CPT code has been developed for PPE supplies.

To be implemented immediately, the new code—CPT 99072—describes additional supplies, materials, and clinical staff time over and above those usually included in an office visit or other non-facility service(s), when performed during a Public Health Emergency as defined by law, due to respiratory-transmitted infectious disease.

While CPT 99072 is valued at $6.50 per patient, actual reimbursement may vary from state to state and insurance plan. The AOA is urging both CMS and all payers to immediately provide coverage for and pay these added costs.

The AOA recommends doctors report this new code to all payers but it‘s important to recognize that some payers may not reimburse these costs. Also, the AOA recommends doctors stop any use of CPT 99070 to report the extra cost of PPE. In accordance with appropriate coding guidelines, the newly developed code best reflects the clinical situation and should be used.

Any billing of the patient for this code should be done in accordance with your payer contracts. Also, be aware of state laws regarding charging patients for PPE costs. Doctors who bill third party payers for these costs must also charge private pay patients.

Find more information or contact AOA‘s coding experts.

Looking for PPE?

The NOA, along with the AOA and some of our industry partners, has put together a list of suppliers for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). You can find that list here

Visit our COVID-19 section for the latest updates and resources including PPE.


Contact Lens Rule bill gains senators’ backing after all-out advocacy campaign

October 22 2020
Over 7,400 individual constituent letters were sent via AOA’s Action Center and countless phone calls placed to senators’ offices, in what represents the AOA’s largest advocacy campaign in recent history.

Be prepared: Contact Lens Rule changes take effect Oct. 16, access AOA resources

October 07 2020
AOA and optometry’s advocates continue to fight the FTC’s rule changes—act now to support these efforts and have your practice ready for implementation on day one.

1-800 Contacts notifies patients not to wear AquaSoft lenses due to lens defect

October 01 2020
The company has recalled its AquaSoft brand of contacts because of a manufacturing defect that may cause eye discomfort and irritation.

Contact Lens Rule Modernization Act introduced in the U.S. Senate

September 16 2020
FTC rule set to take effect in October.

Public Health

Community Health Centers partnering with the National Association of Community Health Centers, the AOA is working to improve access to eye and vision care services.

Healthy Eyes Healthy Children Community Grants provide funding for activities which focus on increasing the outreach of vision services to communities, families, schools, and the medical community with special attention to underserved children.

InfantSEE affords one-time, comprehensive assessment at no cost for infants in their first year of life.

Optometry Cares mission is to expand eye health and vision care access to everyone in the U.S. to enhance human performance and quality of life.

Optometric Disaster Relief Fund offers optometrists financial assistance for damages incurred from natural disasters.

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