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Attention: NV COVID Fighters  

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Optometrists Now Eligible to Administer COVID-19 Vaccines 

Optometrists (and Optometry students) in Nevada who would like to provide COVID vaccines need to register with SERVNV, be CPR certified, complete the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) courses on vaccinations, as well as vaccine training courses provided by Immunize Nevada as outlined by Nevada DHHS. Please refer to the CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Training Programs and Reference Materials for Healthcare Professionals to make sure you have completed all required training. 

Please see our COVID-19 Vaccine page for more information.

What do the new HHS and OSHA COVID-19 vaccine mandates mean for you and your practice?

On November 4, 2021, HHS and OSHA released their much-anticipated rules related to vaccination mandates.

Below are brief highlights the AOA has put together to help clarify how this affects you and your practice(s).

Click on the FAQs on the two rules for more information.

Rule Highlights

  • As expected, the vaccination mandate related to Medicare-enrolled providers does not apply to physician offices. However, ODs working in ASCs and hospitals are impacted by these rules.
  • The OSHA rule applies to employers with more than 100 employees. The 100 employee count should be done at the employer level (firm- or corporate-wide), not the individual location level
  • Those OD employers with more than 100 employees would be subject to these rules if they do not already comply with the OSHA health care standard released in June. AOA info on that standard is here
  • Essentially, the OSHA rule requires that employers develop a vaccination plan. Employees can seek a religious or medical exemption. Those not vaccinated have to undergo weekly testing and wear a face covering when working near others. 
  • OSHA outlines acceptable testing methods. You can find the testing details in the attached FAQ. The rule does not allow reporting of at-home test results if the employer does not witness the employee testing.


Bipartisan bill to ban abusive policies of discount plans gets boost from policy expert report

January 13 2022
Princeton, New Jersey-based Avalon Health Economics says plans’ mandated discounts for noncovered services and materials—and limits on laboratory freedom—harmfully distort the vision care market for patients and doctors of optometry. To fight back, the AOA is mobilizing its members and other national doctor groups to educate and inform Congress, now and in lead-up to in-person AOA on Capitol Hill.

A fast-paced 48 hours in round-the-clock AOA advocacy

January 06 2022
AOA President calls advocacy a “privilege” to represent the profession and doctors of optometry, as a plethora of issues are tackled in 2021 and beyond.

U.S. House, consumer groups mull federal action against DTC contact lens sales schemes

December 21 2021
Lawmakers are demanding a federal study to assess the need for future legislative or regulatory action against DTC prescription medical device sellers, after the AOA and other advocates spent years citing concerns.

Congress delays Medicare pay cuts, AOA preps for 2022 fight

December 15 2021
Tens of thousands of AOA doctors and other advocates spoke out against the nearly 10% pay cuts looming on Jan. 1, prompting Congress to delay most cuts later into 2022-2023.

Public Health

Community Health Centers partnering with the National Association of Community Health Centers, the AOA is working to improve access to eye and vision care services.

Healthy Eyes Healthy Children Community Grants provide funding for activities that focus on increasing the outreach of vision services to communities, families, schools, and the medical community with special attention to underserved children.

InfantSEE affords a one-time, comprehensive assessment at no cost for infants in their first year of life.

Optometry Cares mission is to expand eye health and vision care access to everyone in the U.S. to enhance human performance and quality of life.

Optometric Disaster Relief Fund offers optometrists financial assistance for damages incurred from natural disasters.

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